• Red Castle Cocoonababy Nest

The Cocoonababy® nest was originally developed for premature babies on the neonatal ward of the North Hospital (Hôpital Nord) in Marseilles, France.  

As time went by, the medical team realised that if full term babies were to lie in a similar nest they would also benefit from the advantages gained by the preemies.  So, working closely with the medical team, Red Castle France created a larger version of the Cocoonababy® nest for full term infants to use for the first four months of their lives. This model is available throughout France and abroad in shops and on websites which sell Red Castle products. 

In the Cocoonababy® nest, baby lies on his back in a semi-foetal, “contained” position. Whilst conforming to the medical recommendation that newborns should sleep on their backs, in the Cocoonababy® nest, a child feels as safe and secure as he did when in his mother’s womb.  The semi-foetal position helps him to sleep longer and better. It also helps to avoid startle reflex (when a peaceful, sleeping baby suddenly throws his arms outwards and wakes up crying).  It limits the risk of baby getting a flat head, suffering from reflux and, by enabling baby to touch his face and mouth, it helps him learn to control his movements (liberate and direct his motricity). 

The semi-foetal position also helps baby develop relationships with those around him whereas lying flat on his back he would be looking at the ceiling or would invariably have his head turned to the same side (which is the position he adopted latterly in the womb). 

This large version is for children weighing 2.8kg (6.2 lbs) and more.

The Cocoonababy® nest includes: 
• an adjustable wedge which can be moved down the nest as baby grows, during his first 4 months.  
•  a white Fleur de Coton® fabric fitted sheet.
• a Tummy band which maintains the child in an ideal position without impeding his freedom of movement.

Fitted sheets (in a choice of colours and materials) and Cocobag™ swaddle bags specially adapted for children using the Cocoonababy® nest, are available separately.

Technical info :


(l x w x h) 69 x 40 x 19cms 



For use

From 2.8kgs until the child starts trying to roll over or change position in the nest (around 3-4 months old).

Technical and safety information:

The Cocoonababy® nest comes with its own protective cover (remove/replace with care for washing) below a fitted Fleur de Coton®sheet.

Conforms to the bedding regulations 
n° 2000-164 of 23 February 2000.

Conforms to safety regulations.


The protective cover, the fitted sheet and the Tummy Band are machine washable.

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Red Castle Cocoonababy Nest

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