The Apple 2 Pear is a stunning and sleek pushchair from leading British brand iCandy. 

It functions as both a single or a double and with an extensive range of additional extras, it is easy to customise and make your own. 

iCandy was the first company to produce a single to double pushchair back in 2005 and there have certainly been some changes since the original design with the 2014 version being more lightweight and more impressive than ever before.

How was it to push?

The Apple 2 Pear has not only met but exceeded my expectations.  Whilst the icandy brand is well loved, the previous Pear was known to be a bit heavy on the steering, which has certainly been improved with the latest model. 

Even laden up with some rather heavy children, I had no problems manoeuvring this pushchair in double mode and curbs were not an issue. 

The fact that the chassis is no wider than any other single pushchair meant there was no awkward moments where you need to take the pushchair in the road which are common with side by side doubles, and it fits through shops, front doors and on public transport with ease. 

One of the great things about this pushchair is that the handlebar on the tallest setting is perfectly set out for a 6ft+ man, but on the lower setting it can be used by a child.  It is easy to extend one handed so it can be tucked away and used at the perfect height.

How easy is it to fold?

The pushchair is easy to fold and can actually be folded with both seats still attached providing they are in the correct position (lower seat reclined back past horizontal). 

Although this does make life very easy, the pushchair is incredibly large folded this way and would need to be broken down to be stored in a small boot. 

There is no autolock however, which means you rely on a manual strap to keep the pushchair in place.

How easy is it to convert it from single to double?

Using this pushchair as the Apple is like using any other single pushchair and there are no clues as to the abilities of the chassis. 

To convert to a double, it is a case of adding converters to raise the front seat, and adding two more at the base by the brakes so that a bottom seat can be added. 

This is a very quick process, and the pushchair can easily be adapted daily to suit a family’s needs. 

What’s it like with two children?

One change from the previous models is that the seats are now both the same size, meaning it is easy to swap who sits in which position. 

If you are using the double pushchair for a newborn and a toddler though, the carrycot does go on the bottom, and it faces away from the parent. 

The seats are comfortable and well built, but they are not as long as many of the side by side doubles and I did find it tight with a larger toddler.  

Both seats are world facing when the pushchair is in double mode but in single mode it works parent facing as well. 

What are the seating positions like?

On first impressions, the lower seat does seem rather low, but put next to a Maclaren stroller, even the lower seat is higher up and the top seat is very high, which has both pros and cons. 

The child at the front has a fantastic view and it is easy to use the pushchair against a table as a highchair if needed.  It does mean that for a shorter parent it may be trickier to see over the seat, however.

One issue is that there is no interaction between the parent and the child in the front seat.  There is quite a distance between the handlebars and the seat and the height means that to see the child you do need to stop the pushchair and walk round. 

The child in the bottom can easily converse with a parent though and is in the perfect position to see what is going on around him whilst also being aware of the parent. 

It is very easy to get the child in and out of the bottom seat whereas other similar styled doubles like the offerings from Britax and Babystyle Oyster can be very tight and a struggle with a larger toddler.

The seat units don’t have a footrest, but I haven’t had an issue with this as unlike a stroller, the child cannot reach the wheels and the seats are supportive and well-shaped to care for little legs. 

In the lower seat, the child can rest their feet in the basket, which is where the seat ends anyway.  The seats now only face outwards, which is much more spacious for the child but you do lose the interaction of a parent facing single, although as an Apple this model can parent face still. 

The seat units also do not come with a bumper bar and there is no option to add one on.

What about storage?

Unfortunately, the storage issue is what lets this pushchair down, especially in comparison to a side-by-side double. 

As a single pushchair, the basket is very spacious and easily accessible, but in double mode it is hard to reach and is only suitable for raincovers and perhaps a blanket or light jacket. 

The second seat sits pretty much in the basket, so unless the lower child is lying flat, I found it very difficult to access. 

How is the Apple 2 Pear in all-weather conditions?

Whilst I wouldn’t consider this a holiday pushchair due mostly to its size, it is perfectly set up for any weather. 

The fact that the pushchair is inline means it can be set up with raincovers if necessary whilst still indoors, whereas many side-by-side strollers cannot fit through a standard doorway and so must be set up outdoors in rain or snow. 

The hoods are very comprehensive and would provide plenty of cover in the sun and there are optional parasols for the extra protection too.

Is it travel system compatible?

Yes, the pushchair is car seat adaptable with the separate adaptors and can take one or two car seats.

Who is the Apple 2 Pear most suitable for?

I would suggest that this pushchair is most suited to twins from birth or children with a close age gap. 

It is definitely at the top end of the market but I do believe it is value for money as the Apple 2 Pear will last from the birth of the first child through two children and again the other side, and it is well adapted for a buggy board. 

The Apple 2 Pear does resell well, so this pushchair is an investment, especially if you are considering more children further down the line.

Has it won any awards?

Icandy has won its fair share of awards and when Which? compiled a list of the 10 most popular double pushchairs in 2013, the Apple 2 Pear was number one. 

This pushchair has been winning awards for years, and iCandy is always making improvements to create the best user experience, with the new model 40% lighter than the last and the basket 11% bigger.

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